Connecting Your Palmtop to a LAN with the Accton EN2212/2216 Ethernet Card

Subtitle: Japanese users developed the software necessary to connect the palmtop to a LAN using Accton's ethernet adapter cards.

Duplicated on hplx.net with permission from Thaddeus Computing.

The EN2212 and EN2216 by Accton are PCMCIA ethernet cards you can use on the 100/200LX to interface with and access data from your organization's Local Area Network.  To use these cards you need to run a NetWare client driver, a Windows 95 client driver, or other network drivers on the Palmtop.  These software programs enable the Palmtop to communicate with your LAN through the Accton ethernet card.  They are called "client drivers" because they allow the computer to become a "client" for the "server" on the network (this is called a "client/server network").

NetWare Client

The following drivers are needed to enable the Palmtop as a NetWare client.  (Please see "Shareware/ Freeware mentioned in this article" at the end of the article, for the location of this software.)

OP2216.EXE a "point enabler" for EN2212/2216 card (freeware, created by Yoichiro Ueno).
PD2212.COM a "packet driver" for EN2212/2216 card (based on NE2000.COM, modified by Yoichiro Ueno).
NETX.EXE a NetWare client driver.
PDIPX.COM a NetWare client driver.

Top: Netware login Screen.
Bottom: Filer application of the 200LX, connected to Netware showing the network H drive.

You can use a batch file (named, for example, NETSTART.BAT) to automatically load these drivers and attach to the network.  Listed below are the command lines for such a batch file, in the proper order and with the appropriate options selected:

pd2212.com 0x62 5

You can also include these lines in your AUTOEXEC.BAT on the C drive, reboot with the network card inserted in the 200LX and it will boot the network.  This is all you need to connect your Palmtop to a Novell NetWare server.  [Note: On the 100LX, you cannot start the System Manager while you are running the NetWare client software.  On the 200LX, you can start System Manager by running D:\BIN\200.COM.]

Windows95 Client

You can connect to Windows 95 computers on your network by running the Windows95 NDIS client driver (with NetBEUI protocol) on the 200LX.  The EN2212 and EN2216 cards from Accton are the only LAN cards available in Japan which can use this driver.  The driver is not bundled with the cards, but is distributed separately.  In Japan the driver is available from K.S Network Co., LTD, who represent Accton in this area.  The drivers for the HP Palmtop are available in the archive file 2216HP.ZIP, which can be found on the data library of the vendor moderated NIFTY-Serve Forum, SLANVA (LAN Vendor Station A).  This driver package includes the necessary ODI driver and works on major network operating systems.  You'll also need to load onto your Palmtop the DOS client software found in MSWGCN.EXE.  This self-extracting archive file contains the Microsoft Network Client - Windows for Workgroup.  This is a DOS client driver designed to let you connect to a Windows for Workgroup network, but it also lets you connect to Win95 machines on the network.  Setup is done as follows (In this example, initial setup is done on a desktop PC and then transferred to the C:\NET directory on the Palmtop).

1.  Run MSWGCN.EXE at DOS prompt on a desktop or notebook PC to decompress the archive.

2.  Run SETUP.EXE and follow the instructions.  When SETUP asks you to select a LAN driver, specify the directory which contains the setup information file for NDIS driver from Accton (mentioned above, this file is also included in the 2216HP.ZIP archive).

3.  Confirm that the PC's CONFIG.SYS file has been modified (we will use it later for manually editing the CONFIG.SYS on the Palmtop).  Confirm also that PROTOCOL.INI and SYSTEM.INI have been created.  (See sidebar on this page for examples of what these files should look like.)

4.  Copy the following files from the desktop to C:\NET directory on the 200LX.  PROTOCOL.INI, ETHPCM.DOS, NET.EXE, PROTMAN .DOS, PROTMAN.EXE, WORKGRP.SYS, NET.MSG, NETH.MSG, SYSTEM.INI.

5.  Modify the CONFIG.SYS on the C: drive on the Palmtop, according to the CONFIG.SYS in the PC (see point three above).

This is all you have to do.  Connect the Palmtop to a PC running Windows95 as described below.  (The instructions assume that the network setup for Windows95 has already been completed.)

1.  Insert the LAN card into the 200LX and press (ON).  The CARD BATTERY LOW message may appear, but it should be ignored.  Restart the system with soft reset (CTRL)-(ALT)-(DEL).

2.  From the DOS prompt on the Palmtop, change to C:\NET and login by typing net start from DOS prompt.  (This runs NET.EXE with the argument of START).

3.  Then enter net to go to the interactive screen for mounting the shared drives and printers on your Palmtop.  Follow the self explanatory instructions on this screen.
Now you can use these drives in the same ways as the normal network drives.

Top: Screen of NCSA-telnet
Bottom: Screen of D-mail

TCP/IP Connection

You can also enable TCP/IP transport to interface with the Internet (or office Intranet).  Earlier in the article I described a batch file named NETSTART.BAT used to automatically load the necessary NetWare client drivers and attach to the network.  You can do the same thing for packet driver (TCP/IP) connections.  Your batch file should contain at least the following two lines:

 pd2212.com 0x62 5

These lines can be followed by a command line to start your packet-driver-compliant application.
Examples of such software, which works on TCP/IP connections, are as follows:

NSCA-Telnet (for telnet and ftp)

D-Mail (Mail application running on DOS)

Coexistance of a NewWare and TCP/IP connection

NewWare and packet driver (TCP/IP) can coexist on the Palmtop.  You need the following software for this purpose.

PKTMUX.EXE a packet driver multiplexer (created by Graham Robinson).

PKTDRV.EXE a pseudo packet driver interface (created by Graham Robinson).

The entire batch file for launching this should be as follows:

pd2212.com 0x62 5
pktmux.exe 2 /i
pktdrv.exe /i

Sample configuration and initialization files

 device=C:\NET\protman.dos /i:C:\NET
(Note: the lastdrive = command line should be changed to suit your needs.)






Note: computername, username and workgroup should be changed to meet your needs.

The Accton EN2216-1 card is the one you want for the palmtop; the best price recently has been from Hardware Street.   Search for EN2216-1 on ComputerESP and you may find a better deal, but unlikely.

Shareware and Freeware mentioned in this article

OP2216.EXE and PD2212.COM are available at SUPER.   http://www.palmtop.net/cgi-bin/count-redir.pl/lxether3.zip?dbname=lxether3.zip&URL=ftp://ftp.one.net/pub/users/hamm/lxether3.zip
or via FTP directly at ftp://ftp.one.net/pub/users/hamm/lxether3.zip

PKTMUX.EXE and PKTDRV.EXE are available at: ftp://ftp.cs.titech.ac.jp/pub/misc/hp-lx/pktmx12h.zip

NETX.EXE, LSL.COM, and PDIPX.COM are available at: http://www.hplx.net/netx.zip

MSWGCN.EXE (Microsoft Network Client - Windows for Workgroup) is available on Microsoft's ftp site at: ftp://ftp.microsoft.com/Softlib/MSLFILES/mswgcn.exe

NCSA-Telnet is available widely.  It is suggested you use a modified version, LXTelnet, instead, available from Rod Whitby at lxtcp.hplx.net as part of the LXTCP suite. This version is specifically designed for the palmtop and also implements an FTP server which can run on the 200LX.

2216HP.ZIP contains the necessary Windows95 drivers to connect the Palmtop to a LAN using the Accton EN2212 or EN2216 ethernet adapter PC card. It s available on NIFTY-Serve Forum, SLANVA (LAN Vendor Station A). It can also be had here.

Copyright 1999, David Sargeant.
Last Updated 31-Jul-1999

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