Judging between the many fine entries received was no easy task, but here are the winners.

FIRST PLACE: Alan Streigel <striegel@pioneer-standard.com>
This entry is so simple, short, succinct... just like the 200LX!

I have this amazing PC,
It fits in my hand easily.
On just two double-A's
I can run it for days;
The 200LX from HP.

SECOND PLACE: Richard Smith <rsmith@enol.com>
Sounds like Richard Smith's 200LX could use a backlight!

A silly limerick is what I need
to upgrade my palmtop to doublespeed,
and it's no sham
I need more ram,
that would be keen indeed.

So, when I awoke at midnight,
oh. I had such a fright
that I would forget
this little quintet
but my palmtop set things right.

So it sits by my bedstead,
no pen and paper instead,
I just open an app
with a single tap
and record what's in my head.

THIRD PLACE: Doric Swain <D.Swain@cchs.usyd.edu.au>
This entry is just so... poetic!

An LX can go in your pockets
Windows free, flies faster than rockets
With DOS installed hard
Serial port, PC card
Get work done well away from wall sockets!

FOURTH PLACE: Andrew Lee <andrew.lee@leland.Stanford.EDU>
If only this team at HP were still working!

I have a great Palmtop PC
It was made by a team at HP
All that runs on DOS 5
On this palmtop will thrive
It's more useful than Windows CE!

FIFTH PLACE: Darren Frick <dfrick@snip.net>
This one wins in the "self-depreciating originality" category.

On palmtops, to wax real poetic,
or real sublime or energetic,
Easy it is not.
Still, I'll give a shot.
And end up with something pathetic.

Thanks to everyone who entered, and keep watch for new contests!

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May 1998 Contest

Welcome to the second HP200LX contest at this site!

The prizes this time are as follows:

First Place: An 8MB memory upgrade, a speed upgrade, and a copy of WWW/LX Plus 2.0.
Second Place: An 8MB memory upgrade and a copy of TimeTracker/LX.
Third Place: A speed upgrade and a copy of TimeTracker/LX.
Fourth Place: A copy of ABC/LX.
Fifth Place: A copy of ABC/LX.


Everyone who has performed the ESC-ON "Display" test on their 200LX has seen the following limerick appear:

There once was this thing from HP
That fit in your pocket, you see.
   A caveman would stare
   And pull out his hair
And wonder, "What could this thing be?"

Not bad, but not exactly a paragon of creativity, either.  To enter the contest, write a limerick about the 1/200LX palmtop and send it to me with the subject "Limerick Entry."  We will judge the five best entries and winners will be notified by e-mail.  That's all you have to do!  So what are you waiting for?  Even if you're not the poetic type, limericks are pretty simple.  And even if you think your creation is boring or stupid, send it in.  We may like it!  The only thing I don't want to see is anything dirty or crude.  In other words, no "There once was a palmtop from Nantucket..." limericks.  If you wouldn't read it aloud to your mother, better revise it before sending it in.  :-)

Winning entries and runners-up will be posted on this site.  Entrants agree that their entries may be used for promotional purposes.  The deadline for entries (at this point) is Monday, June 8, 1998, at 5:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time.  Winners will be announced by Wednesday, June 10.  Public notice will be given of any changes in the timeline or contest requirements.  Multiple entries per person are allowed; however, no person will win more than one prize.

Copyright 1999, David Sargeant.
Last Updated 1-2-1999

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