Winners of the October 1998 hplx.net Contest

That's right, these are the winners we picked.  The October contest was really a drawing; entrants filled out a survey involving the palmtop and the demand for a backlight. (Not to mention the highly caustic survey item, "Religion: not disclosed ". :) We received over 200 entries, with the majority of them voting that yes, a backlight would be a good thing for the 200LX.  The most popular price range was from $1-$50, which may be a tad optimistic, but we'll have to see... Watch for the statistics from the survey to be posted as soon as I get them added up.

Entries were selected using a random number generator on an HP48GX calculator, and the generated numbers matched up to message numbers in the order messages were received.

FIRST PLACE: Bob Clark <orca86@ix.netcom.com>

SECOND PLACE: David Cripps <d-cripps@dircon.co.uk>

THIRD PLACE: Mike Mac Donald <mikemacd@erols.com>

FOURTH PLACE: Klaus Dribbusch <kdribbusch@yahoo.de>

FIFTH PLACE: Steve Lawson <stevel@sdl.continet.com>

Thanks to everyone who entered, and keep watch for new contests!


Entry Page

Enter the October 1998 Contest

This contest should be much easier to enter than the previous contests. All you have to do for this one is to fill out this simple survey, click the button, and kick back and relax. Winners will be chosen randomly out of all the entries.
Prizes are as follows:

First Place: an 8MB memory upgrade, a speed upgrade, a copy of WWW/LX Plus 2.0, and a $40 credit at Thaddeus Computing.

Second Place: an 8MB memory upgrade, a copy of TimeTracker/LX, and a $20 credit at Thaddeus Computing.

Third Place: an 8MB memory upgrade, a copy of ABC/LX, and a $15 credit at Thaddeus Computing.

Fourth Place: a copy of ABC/LX.

Fifth Place: a copy of Volt/LX.

Thanks to D&A Software, Thaddeus Computing, and Times2 Tech for supplying prizes. On all hardware upgrades, Times2 Tech will supply the hardware and Thaddeus Computing will perform the installations.

Winners will be posted on this site and notified by e-mail. The deadline for entries (subject to change) is Friday, November 13, 1998, at 5:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time. Winners will be announced and notified by Monday, November 16. Public notice will be given of any changes in the timeline or contest requirements. Multiple entries per person are NOT allowed in this contest; anybody submitting more than one entry will be disqualified, since you're skewing my survey results, after all.

Copyright 1999, David Sargeant.
Last Updated 1-1-1999

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