There have been some questions raised as to the identity of the owner of this site.  Therefore, let me make this clear:

This site is run by David Sargeant and maintained by Ian Butler.  It has an association with the Palmtop Network (www.palmtop.net) because the owner of this site is a member of the SUPER team.  The owner of this site, David Sargeant, is not the person with an e-mail account at hplx@comports.com, nor does he run the associated web site ("Unorthodox HPLX").  Although the owner of this site feels that the concept of "abandonware" is very interesting and probably deserves a closer look by the legal system, he also feels that all too often people dealing in "abandonware" are merely using it as a meager attempt to disguise the trading of pirated software.

This site, along with the Palmtop Network, do not deal in "abandonware" or pirated software and will only post files with the permission of the copyright holder.

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Last Updated 23-Aug-1999