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These programs are made available free of charge. However, they are copyrighted.

FFDB 2.02
FFDB is an InfoSelect-type program offered to hplx.net by Brian McIlvaine. * Updated 21 June 2000.

Another given to us by Brian. He says,
"The update to cclxpop fixes a bug that kept ccmail from threading newsgroup files with more than about 13 messages." (Currently unlinked, but will be available very soon.)

i812 (i810 2.0)
i810 is Ian Butler's 200LX console font. It contains both 8x8 and 10x11 (hence 8 10) standard characters, italic numerals (
0123456789), more aesthetic line-drawing characters, and international characters. i812 has revamped 10x11 line-drawing characters and a few other enhancements. The font is free, but the author requests you mail him feedback if you use it.

CIC200 2.1
This is a little replacement for the CIC100 built into the palmtop.  IT DOES NOT WORK WITH ALL MODEMS YET.  Shortly, however, I think we'll have one that will.
... and I was right.  Visit the SUPER page ( http://www.palmtop.net/super.html ) and get LXCIC.  

WWWMenu 1.0
This is a utility to make WWW/LX Plus 1.0 easier to use.  It's fairly useless with WWW/LX Plus 2.0.

HPZoom 1.3
This is a handy little utility for batch files. If you want to automate screen zooming, this is the program for you!

Contrast 1.2
Another handy little utility for batch files. Will report on the current contrast setting or change contrast to the level you specify.

The Amazing Spiderman
This game works on the 200LX-- I used to love playing this on my CGA 8088 desktop.

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