Well, folks, it doesn't look like the 300LX series is measuring up, from the reviews I've been seeing. Apparently Windows CE lacks many of the basic features of the applications in the 200LX, not to mention the battery life. Here's a question: if the LX in 95LX, 100LX, 200LX, and 700LX stands for "Lotus eXpandable," why is HP still using the designation "LX" on their new Windows CE palmtops? Recall that the stripped down 200LX's that HP made were called the HP 1000CX. No L there! Shouldn't the new product be called the HP 300W(indows)X? Or, maybe, the HP 300M(icrosoft)X? How about the HP 300MWCEX? That's probably what they were going to do, but somebody in marketing said, "No, let's just go with LX. Nobody knows what it means anyway." I'll bet that's what happened.

Copyright 1999, David Sargeant.
Last Updated 1-2-1999

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