Wow! I have been looking at the 1997 HP Palmtop Paper CD Infobase. This is good stuff, people. It includes all the issues of the HP Palmtop Paper from 1991-1996. Each of the issues has an "On-Disk" counterpart that includes all of the (shareware) software mentioned in that issue. If you don't have your 200LX's original manual with you, this CD does. If you need to look up an obscure DOS command or Lotus 1-2-3 reference, you've got the DOS and Lotus MicroRef manuals. If you want to develop software for the 200LX, this CD contains the SDK and all the developer software. Plus, for those rare moments when you have nothing better to do, this CD contains over 700 text files from Project Gutenberg.

Thaddeus is also including a free gift if you order before August 31, 1997. You can choose from a copy of PC in Your Pocket!, the DOS and Lotus MicroRef manuals (the real ones, not the ones on disk), or disks with shareware on them. I chose the PC in Your Pocket book, and recommend that too. It's very interesting.

However, having said that, there are a few deficiencies. The HyperReader interface that Thaddeus used to put the information on CD is pretty low-quality. Perhaps I'm just used to Folio Views 3.1, but the software on this CD seems like a cheap imitation. The search function -- arguably the most important reason for putting all of this information in digitized format -- is pathetic. It is also difficult to retrieve the shareware software. You have to actually go into a four-level-deep subdirectory and copy the files over to your hard drive (or 200LX) directly; there's no provision for simple file transfers from CD to hard drive/200LX by, say, clicking on the file name.

Despite these limitations, this is a very good product, and is well worth the $100 cost. Click here for further information about the 1997 HP Palmtop Paper's CD Infobase.

Copyright 1999, David Sargeant.
Last Updated 1-2-1999

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